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5 questions you have to ask yourself to become The Expert in your field

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You have to become an expert at something. You read it everywhere and you know it. Yet, how much do you have to niche down to become an expert? This is a tough question and I’m here to help you answer this one.

In this article, we’ll go through a series of simple questions that you have to ask yourself to become The Expert!

Successful Coaches

Too many people called themselves coaches nowadays, but are you a Successful Coach? That is the real question! 

It’s easy to become a coach you just have to offer your services in exchange for money. If you get a client then you are a coach.

But, how many coaches are doing the same thing as you? How many of you are Life Coaches? Career Coaches or even Energy Healer?

The problem is that if I ask you what makes you different from all the others in your field, you don’t have a clear answer.

Losing potential clients

You might think that by niching down you are going to lose clients and potential market shares.

But, I want to make this clear, this is completely false.

I’m going to prove to you in the next section that this is not the right mindset to have.


1. do you read books?

Before we go any further, you have to read books to become The Expert. Yes, you have to read books. You may know your field but guess what they are plenty of people out there that are hungry and learning more every day.

Don’t settle for what you know, learn more and more and more every day. If you want to become an expert or rather The Expert, you have to become better in what you do every single day. Whether by practicing more or learning more, there is always something to do. 

The competition out there is tough. It’s a good thing, it forces us, Successful Entrepreneurs, to become better and not settle for what we have.

2. What do you do?

Now that we are clear about reading books let’s dive into how you can become The Expert.

Ask yourself what is it that you do? Don’t use complex words or fancy sentences.

What do you do exactly? 

If you are a Life Coach for example, what do you do? Do you provide advice for people with anxiety? Or are you just sharing for sharing? 

You have to be honest with yourself. By answering this simple question you’ll be able to position yourself in the real market. 

Coaches are nowadays using complex sentences to explain what they do. Yet this only confuses the market.

3. What's in it for them?

If you want to become The Expert in your field you have to answer a question any of your potential clients are going to ask themselves:

What’s in it for me?

You have to be able to clearly articulate what’s in it for them because this is what they care about. They don’t want to know how great your life is or how amazing your product is. They just want to know what’s in it for them! 

Are they are going to be more productive? Are you relieving pain? Are you helping them reach their goals faster?

Back to our example, if you are a travel blogger and just sharing your stories let me ask you these questions:

By sharing your stories what’s in it for your audience? What are they getting by reading your travel blog?

What are they getting out of what you’re doing?

This brings a fundamental question that we answered before. What’s your statement of desire? You cannot become The Expert or a Successful Coach if you cannot clearly articulate what they are getting out of your services.

By knowing what’s in it for them, you’ll be able to become the go-to person for this particular issue/need they have.

For example, if you have a toothache who are you going to call? Presumably not an accountant, but a dentist because for you what he does and what’s in it for you is clear. A dentist is in the field of dentistry. This involves the mouth, teeth, gums and related areas. 

Based on this, you don’t hesitate between your accountant and your dentist.

The same should apply to your services.

4. Who benefits the most from what you do?

You can clearly articulate what you’re doing and what’s the value you provide aka what’s in it for them. Now it’s time to ask yourself who is the person who benefits the most from what you’re doing? 

If you have experience offering this service you may have seen a pattern in the customers you’re getting. If yes, what is this pattern? What’s the common thing that your customers have? Is it their age, background, ethnicity, gender…?

Again, if you are a travel blogger and you share articles about solo female travelers, it’s obvious that the person who benefits the most from your blog is a solo female traveler. You can even be more specific and set an age range.

By doing this you’ll be able to use the right words to reach your audience.

5. How can you make your service unique?

Without a doubt the most important question. How could you make your service unique? 

Chances are, even by being specific you’re still lost in the crowd. It’s not your fault, it’s due to the increasing number of coaches.

So how can you make your service unique?

You only can answer this question. You know what you do, you know what’s in it for them and who is the person who benefits the most from what you do. Try to revolutionize the way they consume your content or the way they find a solution to their problem.

It’s time to use something fewer and fewer coaches are using nowadays, your imagination! 

Try to think differently, try to find an easier way for them to get where they would like to be. 

The best exercise for this is to map out your client’s journey and find friction points. In other words, where is it getting difficult for your clients in your process? 

By having a visual you’ll be able to find ways to revolutionize the way they get a solution to their problems. 

This will make you and your service unique.

MOe's tips

Being scared to niche down and be too specific is the best way to become part of the mass of coaches.

You don’t want to compete in prices and by being not specific enough, this is what you’ll end up doing, unfortunately.


I want you to take your time, there is no rush. I want to help you become a Successful Coach and it’s going to take time. We have to do this together under your terms and so according to your own time.

Take a week or two to figure all this out and share with me what you come out with. 

It will mean the world to me, really, if you can share this with someone you know that can benefit from this. Also, please let me know what you think about it, leave a comment or just send me an email. 

 Together we can get you there.

Unleash your fire,

Founder & Business Consultant
Moe – Digital Agency for Life & Career Coaches

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