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6 simple steps to reach your goals

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We all want something in our business, but do you know what you deeply want?

It may sound stupid and simple but ask yourself what do you want in your business? More sales? More clients?

I wanted to make a clear list of what you should do to reach your goals so you can achieve them. What you’ll learn here are simple things you can and should start right now without any excuses! 

At the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to create a clear path towards your goal.

Why it doesn't work

Coaches don’t set specific goals and there is a reason why. They don’t want to fail.

Without a clear goal, you have no way to know if you have failed. This is why you are not setting proper goals and by that, I mean SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely).

We all went through this:

You start your business or a new product, and you don’t exactly know what you’d like to achieve. For sure you’d like to get some sales and more clients…

To get there you decide to write a clear action plan that you want to stick to. Everything looks good on paper and you just have to start now!

The first few days you are without a doubt excited about this and you follow your action plan. But something weird happens. The following week, you are not doing everything you were supposed to do. Day after day you do less and you’re not excited anymore about doing what’s on your action plan.

Then the inevitable happens. You forget about your action plan and you go back to where you started…

Why are we all going through this phase, why don’t we stick to a clear action plan? The answer is simple and is not a secret, you don’t have a SMART goal.

what about Working hard?

You might think that just working hard will guide you to your goal. Indeed, that’s what everybody is saying, if you work hard you’ll get there (hopefully).

And so you end up doing a bit of everything. Writing a piece of content today, sharing a random article tomorrow hoping that somehow you’ll get there, but you actually wander.


1. Get specific about what your goal

By specific I mean as detailed as possible. It has to be so specific that you can see it in your mind.

Take an hour and go out without your phone or any electronics, just a pen, and a paper, the old school way.

Write about what you deeply desire/want. Do you want more sales for example? Right, but why do you want more sales? Is it because you want to pay out a debt? Or to have more time with your family? Ask yourself why you have this goal.

Once you do this you should be able to see yourself doing it and being that person you’d like to become. If you don’t, it means that your goal is not clear/specific enough.

2. what will it cost?

What do you need to give to get there? There is no secret here, you have to give to get something.

There is nothing you’ll get without giving something whether it’s time, money or ideas you’ll have to give something. Knowing what you’ll have to give to get there, ask yourself this:

Are you willing to give this in return for your desire/goal?

If the answer is yes then let’s move on to the next step!

3. Set a date

This is crucial and this has to be done.

You cannot achieve anything if you don’t have a deadline. I used the word deadline because if you don’t reach your goal by this date it means that you have failed. But, failing is NORMAL, it’s part of the process. You have to fail over and over again to get there.

It’s a no brainer.

Back to our deadline, when do you want to reach your goal? Or even better, when would you like to be this person or in this situation? 

Again see yourself being the person you want to be or having the business you want…

Can you see it?

Right then use this to fuel your desire because you’ll need some motivation to keep you on track!

4. Create your action plan

We know what you desire is, what it will cost you and by when you have to be there. Time to break this down into small steps so every day you can work towards your goal. 

To make it easy break it down by months, then weeks and finally days. It should look like this:

What do you have to do to reach your monthly goal?

Following this, what do you have to do each week to reach your weekly goal?

Finally, what do you have to do each day to reach your daily goal? 

At first, those things you have to do daily will be insignificant. Chances are it will look like you’re not getting closer to your goal at all. But, trust me these small things you do every day compounded over time are getting you closer to your goal without you feeling it! 

Go to the nearest supermarket and buy an old school calendar. Write your goal and write for each month/week/day your goal, yes for each day. You may have to write the same thing 100 times but this is the point here, you have to do it, to see it and to believe in it.

5. Write your statement of desire

Remember you have to see your goal to believe in it and make it a reality. I want to avoid you losing track over time. To achieve this, you have to write this statement on something you see every day. Not on your phone or laptop because you’re used to seeing information daily on this. Eventually, you’ll not see it anymore after a while.

We are going to use the same old technique. You’ll write your statement of desire on a whiteboard or a simple piece of paper that you’ll stick to your wall. 

This statement is simply your future. Who are you going to be if you achieve your goal, again be specific.

6. See it, read it out loud and in your mind

Time to make this goal a priority in your mind.

You have to think about it all the time. If you do, you’ll start to see more things related to your goals. Let me give you a quick example here:

This happened to everybody at least once. You are planning to buy a car and since you have made it your goal, weird enough you see it everywhere now. Every time you go out, you see the car you’d like to buy. Isn’t strange?

This is because your mind is thrown with millions of information every day and cannot process everything. To keep your mind healthy, it’ll tend to ignore anything that is not related to you. Since you want to buy this car and you think about it and you talk about it all the time, now your mind will show it to you. 

Back to our Statement of desire, read it twice out loud and in your head every morning. You’ll do the same every night as well before going to sleep. 

The goal is to make you believe it so you can see it and make it a reality!

MOe's tips

Nowadays, Life & Career Coaches don’t take the time to do this and often skim through. They go straight to google to search for “how can I get more clients?”. Right but before you can get clients you need to have the right mindset.

How come, some people are getting regular clients when others are not? Because they are not focused and don’t have a SMART goal. Chances are, these persons who are getting tons of clients are working toward their own SMART goals and nothing can make them lose their path. Because they repeat their statement of desire daily.


The best way to do this is to read the entire article once and then go through each step and do the actual work. With these simple steps, you’re on the right path to reach your goals. 

You just have to do it now!

Please, let me know what you think about this article. It will mean the world to me to know if Life & Career Coaches like you are actually getting something out of this. 

Unleash your fire,

Founder & Business Consultant
Moe – Digital Agency for Life & Career Coaches

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