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7 simple (but important) elements to remember about homepage

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There are few reasons why ensuring your homepage is on top and I will give you 7 elements to unleash your homepage.

If there is one thing I wish I started earlier, it’ll be working on my homepage!

I struggle personally to find the right combination to attract more visitors to my website or even make them stick. I remember one day after publishing an article on my blog having more than 100 visitors but no leads, not even an email address. It was so frustrating to generate a veritable craze and not get a lead. There are few reasons why ensuring your homepage is on top and I will give you 7 elements to unleash your homepage.

1 - A Headline

Your headline should be a clear and simple sentence that tells your visitors about your « why » (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this article). It’s the first element your visitors will see, so make sure you work on your headline to make your offer clear and simple. My advice is to use your “why” on a short video or even a simple picture of your product as a background with your headline on top.

Let me put some examples to inspire you:


2 - Call to action (Cta)

Also called CTA, it is THE MOST IMPORTANT element you must have. It has to appear right under the headline, why? Because you want to minimize the number of clicks to increase your chances to convert a lead to a client. This CTA should be visually stunning, you want your visitors to see what is the next step and you want to push them to click. Make sure your button is contrasting with the rest of your homepage to make it obvious.

Transferwise is doing a wonderful job by giving you the chance to convert your convert in a simulation your money and in a green button, there is this text “Get started” that is just asking us to click on it.

3 - Product you offer

Your homepage should also include the product you offer. You don’t need to go into details but if you are selling clothes you can show them some categories so they understand quickly what they can buy from you. What I always recommend is to put the most popular product.

4 - supported images

It’s pretty simple, let’s say you are a restaurant specialized in beef then you probably want a nice picture of a piece of meat as a background. If you have a travel vlog, then your homepage will have a nice picture of you traveling with a stunning view. The key is to make your visitor dream and create a desire.

5 - social proof

After all, you probably new in the digital world, so make sure to put some reviews from previous clients. It will give you legitimacy. More importantly, put their name, make them a real person and put a link under their name to their website, so your visitors can contact them if they want.


6 - social media

You want to keep them in a loop, your loop. Your ultimate goal is to sell but also to have your visitors stick around and start following you on social media.

For sure this happened to you, you check this website after a Facebook ad, then you read their blog articles and then it invites you to follow their adventures on Instagram so you go to Instagram and spend another 10min on their photos. All of this because they kept you in their loop, in their world. It’s exactly what you want, so make sure you have your socials at the bottom of the page or even use them as a CTA at the end of your blog post!

6 - features

A visitor will not have a value if they don’t give you their email address, offer an ebook or an infographic in exchange for their email addresses. If you can get it then you can put them into your email automation and convert them into future clients.

Let’s unleash your homepage!

Founder & Business Consultant
Moe – Digital Agency for Life & Career Coaches


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