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Alice Gallwey – Beyond Borders Career Coaching

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I help smart and successful people, entrepreneurs, managers and young graduates usually with an international mindset, to navigate today’s career options, to achieve their fullest potential and their most meaningful projects.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself

I’m a Professional Certified Coach (accredited by the International Coaching Federation) and Master Certified Life and Leadership Coach (MCLC). I offer training, coaching and mentoring to people who want to find and stay on their path, have a live more meaningfull or experience deep personal and professional transformation.

My approach is to offer tailored made coaching sessions. My practice is directly shaped by 19 years of combined experience as a HR Recruitment Manager, Team Manager in private business and Customer Relationship Management, Career consultant and Life and leadership coach. I have worked in Switzerland, France, India and West Africa. My international experience broaden my horizon towards life so that I really enjoyed to coached more than 16 different nationalities.

On a personal point, I am French, mother of 2 (one son born in Switzerland, and one daughter born in India).

What do you do, how did you get started and how long did it take you to get there?

I help smart and successful people, entrepreneurs, managers and young graduates usually with an international mindset, to navigate today’s career options, to achieve their fullest potential and their most meaningful projects. 

I have created a model of coaching which supports them on their path of personal and professional development towards a fulfilling life. I offer coaching, training and mentoring to make them released to explore new and different ways of encountering their lives.

From 2001 to 2013, I spent 10 years as a hard-worker women with this mindset of “having things done”, performing, being effective and productive. I was able to define myself through what I was doing on my professional routine. I was more a “Human Doing” than a “Human Being”. 

Fair enough. 

In 2013, I quit my job. I got the opportunity to live an expatriation in India. There, I deeply think about what really brings me joy and meaning into my life, thanks to my professional and personal mentor. I learned to connect with my most resourceful-self. I discovered the spirit of human being. I stepped into the coaching world. 

My complete dedication to this wonderful profession has operated a deep personal and professional transformation which count more in terms of enriching life. 

Becoming a Master Coach and a PCC (professional coach certified) was a step, but not a final goal. Instead, coaching mastery is still a journey toward expertise.

Since then, I practiced coaching with a holistic approach because I believe that « we are Spirituals Beings having a Human Experience »

Deepening the awareness of knowing yourself, knowing your way of acting in the world, raising the level of awareness in all the different roles and postures you encounter in your life, and finally welcoming your singularity are the catalyst to inspiration. From that, possibilities could expand beyond limitations. That results in a greater alignment and a sense of fulfillment in life. This process, which is also my personal path, became the inner center of the Model I have created. 

Becoming a Master Coach was this incredible experience for me and I really feel blessed today to serve others in entering as well a new conscious stage of their life.


What’s your why? Did you change it compared to when you started your activity?

Overtime, all the pieces of the puzzle of my life have fallen into place and brought me here to contribute to the world in that way : helping others to find their place in this world and clarifying how they could contribute to it. 

It became clear that coaching is my life’s work, my contribution to the world and my true calling. 

My passion for coaching is dedicated to support and fast-track my client’s growth and renewal. When conscious development and transformation operate in alignment with true-self, growth, renewal, acceleration and ease result. Human Potential is reinforced and be fully realized. 

That is my life-purpose.

What is the 1st reason you are where you are today?

My passion and in-depth knowledge of personal development and change management led me to fully understand the challenges that my clients are facing.

With my client, I really don’t know anything about what they need to discover for themselves because they are the expert of their own life. I’m not beyond the issue of my client but by opening the door to a more authentic partnership, we embark together on a search for solutions and growth. 

It is a modest and positive posture where the client becomes really much more empowered.

I have a deep appreciation and compassion for those I encourage as I understand their unique context of being either entrepreneur, manager, job seeker, student or mother-expatriate follower. Each and every one is unique and singular so I help them to reveal their uniqueness and take their unique path. That is the reason why I don’t use profiling test but an untypical method which reveal their talents, their core-values and life-purpose. 

I really feel that the first reason I am where I am today is because I love to offer this safe, trustworthy and loving presence to my clients to do their work. I am an Other who supports others to make the change about what they believe about themselves. I show a different truth about their goodness until they can believe it for themselves. 

I create the right conditions to go « beyond » what they think they are. 

It is the gift and the beauty of coaching process.

Alice's Secret

Coaching is still a new profession and the word “coaching” is overused everywhere.

A coach is not a consultant, not a psychotherapist, neither a mentor, a trainer or a counsellor. It is a separate profession who address healthy people who want a better quality of personal or professional life.

It could happen to anyone at one point of time to feel stuck in life or to seek for a major shift in life. Our own capacity to manage the change is submitted as well to ups and downs, like roller coaster. To ask for professional support and guidance is the best decision one can ever made to save time and frustration and to go beyond expectations.

That is the little secret that could changed a lot.

Want to know more about Alice?

If you want to get in touch or reach out to Alice personally you can do it via her social media right here 👇

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