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How to find and beat your competitors

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On this episode we’re going to see how you can find your competitor and how you can be better than them by using something called reverse engineering!

The best tool to find your competition is Google! Again it doesn’t have to be complicated, just type your niche and add “+ shopify” to find a company selling similar things to you.

For example if your niche is about cars accessories just type in “cars accessories + shopify” and you’ll find similar shops, such as

You should be able to find similar web stores. If you find several sites, then you should find another niche. The reason why is because it means the market is saturated and making your way through will be difficult and will take too much time. Another free tool you can use is, just write a website similar to yours on the search bar and it’ll give you similar websites.

However, if you are not able to find a similar site or just one and your product has a positive trend on google trend then you just found your golden ticket!

On this episode we’re going to see how you can find your competitor and how you can be better than them by using something called reverse engineering!

Check their website and see where you will be able to be better

Time to understand your competition and their strategies. If you want to sell or be the one to go for a specific niche you have to do better than your competition. So let’s start with their website. First, you don’t need a degree in computer science or design to see potential improvement on a website.

Just go to their website as a potential client and rate your own customer experience.

Here are few examples to look at:

– Is their website secure HTTP or HTTPS. If you sell a product on your website, you probably ask your client to put their credit cards information then you MUST HAVE HTTPS, the S means secure. Without it, you put your clients data at risk. If they don’t have one, make sure you get an HTTPS when buying your domain with your hosting (here is a link on how to get your domain)

– Is it easy for you to understand their shipping and return policy? As a customer buying online, don’t you want to know before purchasing a company’s policy regarding shipping or return in case you encounter an issue? If you don’t understand them or have difficulties finding them, then improve them on your website based on your experience on their website!

– Was it easy for you to contact them by phone, messenger or email? I don’t want to go into details regarding what you should have on your website because we’ll go deeper on another blog article. If you had difficulties finding a way to contact them or it took too long for them to get back to you, write this down and be better!

– Do you trust their website if not ask yourself why? Sometimes, the design put you off or their policy sounded untrustworthy.

You see there are tons of stuff to check on a website as long as you put yourself as a customer and not a competitor.

Complete their sales process and sign up for their newsletter

The previous part will give you tons of advice on how to be better but this one will give you an insight into the company. First, subscribe to their newsletters and analyze their newsletters for a week. What you’re trying to identify is:

– What’s their welcome email?

– Are they keeping in touch with you? If yes, how?

– Did you received something in exchange for your email address?

– Are you receiving special offers because you’re part of their list?

Because their shop is still online you can bet that they do something good, either selling the right product or doing the right marketing. So the key is to be able to identify all those things to be better.

Once you’ve waited at least a week and received enough emails from them to understand their strategy, buy one of their products. The objective is to see their entire sales process. I need you to analyze their checkout section or payment section to see if they are trying to upsell you a product. Then I want you to focus on what’s happening after the clicking purchase. Here are a few examples:

– Did you receive an email confirmation right away? What did it say? What would you improve? or remove?

– Did they offer you to buy something else after your purchase? If yes did you want to buy it? why?

– Were you able to track your order?

– Did you receive your product on time?

– Did you receive a branded packaging?

– Did you receive a thank you letter or a flyer inside your box?

Again there are tons of questions you can ask yourself but I want you to put yourself in the customer shoes.

Follow them on social media to see their ads

Like any company they probably have social media. It’s usually located at the bottom of their website or on their contact page. The goal is to find their social media and to follow them to have an idea of their marketing strategy.

First, I want you to look at their feed and look at what they post.

Here are what you are looking for:

– Are they posting about products they sell or are they sharing useful information related to their niche?

– Are they holding a give-away competition? If yes, how do they do it, video, photo or plain text?

– How are they responding to comments on their social media? For example, are they responding to every comments? If yes, what are they saying?

– Could you buy a product from their facebook page or instagram page?

– What type of pictures do they put? Is it pictures with people using their products or just the same picture as their website?

Finally, we are going to check their ads (again I’m not going to get deeper here because we have an entire article regarding facebook ad). To see their ads you’ll have to go to their facebook page and click on Ad.

Here you’ll have an insight on what type of ads they use and also the frequency! Unfortunately you’ll not be able to see the likes or comments the ad have if it’s not a video, but there is a free tool you can use for this, it’s called Adexpresso. You’ll be able to find their ads and the engagement they received from it!. However, if it’s a video then click right on the video and select “view video URL” so you’ll see the engagement for this ad.


You found your competitors on google by typing your niche + Shopify. You analyzed the front end by checking their website to see room for improvement and how things are put together. You analyzed the back end by subscribing to their newsletter to understand their marketing strategy and you bought a product to see if they tried to up-sell you a product. Finally you looked at their marketing campaign using facebook ad and Adespresso to see how to promote their shops on social media.

You should have now a clear comprehension of who are your competitors, what they look like online and how to communicate and sell their products to their audience.

Now, it’s time to be better than them!

Your task for today is really simple, I want you to send me 2 or 3 companies that are selling same products as you and I’ll come back to you with a room for improvement about their website.

Deal? 🙂 

Let’s unleash your business!

Founder & Business Consultant
Moe – Digital Agency for Life & Career Coaches

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