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How to get life coaching clients?

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As a life coach, you’re supposed to coach people.

You’re not supposed to become a Facebook ad guru or a web designer in your journey, right?

Unfortunately, like any coaching business, you need to market yourself in order to get life coaching clients.

Today, I’d like to give you a complete guide on how you can get life coaching clients! 

We’ll go from start to finish, TOGETHER. 

At the end of this guide, you’ll have a CLEAR, SIMPLE & PRACTICAL strategy to get clients. 

The only thing left will be for you to take action.

A never ending process

The majority of life coaches, never really learned how to market themselves or design their website. However, you know that without these two elements, your potential clients may never find you.

So you end up looking for the answer to both of them. Some are saying you can design your website yourself others are telling you to buy a course on Facebook ads to get coaching clients, etc…

It’s a never-ending process but you don’t really seem to find THE ANSWER to your question! 

How can I find coaching clients?

The problem is that you’re spending too much time searching for the perfect strategy that you get lost with all the information available to you. Obviously, with all this information it’s getting harder to commit to one strategy and to follow through.

In this article I’m going to give the exact strategy you can use to get coaching clients automatically.

You don't need this you don't need that

I’m in many life coach groups on Facebook and Whatsapp and I hear the same thing over and over again, you don’t need a website.

They are right, you don’t need a website.

You don’t need a landing page.

You also don’t need a certification to become a life coach.

You also don’t need a Facebook Page…

We can do this for almost everything, however, you have to treat your business as a real business if you want to make a living out of it.

Why would you like to make it more complicated for you?

You can obviously go rogue and only have a Facebook page, you may get a few clients but at the end of the day it’s time-consuming and time is the only resource we don’t get back!

With what you’ll learn in this guide, you’ll understand why you need a website in order to get clients.


Think of this as your hub or sanctuary!

This is where you want your potential coaching clients to land and learn as much as they can about you, your business, and the solutions you provide to their problems.

Remember, being a life coach is as broad as saying I’m a dancer. Make sure you have a niche and you show that on your website.

If you’re just starting, keep it simple: a homepage, an about page, a product/service page, a blog page, and a contact page

Remember everything on this website has to be related to your niche.

We have your sanctuary set, now we need you to generate some content that will last.

For those of you who had a Facebook page with long posts, you can actually use these as blog posts.

The reason why we create content is to create some trust amongst your potential coaching clients.

Before buying from you they are going to check if you know your subject!

3. Get visitors

Everything seems ready and now it’s time to get some website visitors.

Share your blog articles using The Social Plan on social media and read this article to rank high on Google and get found.

4. Lead magnet

Your website is now getting some traffic but still, you’re not getting any coaching clients.

You’re right.

We have to find a way to convert your website visitors into potential coaching clients and to do this we’re going to use a lead magnet.

lead magnet is simply something you offer for free in exchange for somebody else’s information. In order, for your website visitors to give you their email address, you have to provide something valuable!

What I mean by that is something that your niche is actually struggling with. Let’s say you help people who stutter, your lead magnet will inevitably be about overcoming this problem. Your website visitors have to gain something out of this and if you can provide an easy and quick win for them then they’ll give you their email address without hesitation!

You can have different types of lead magnet for your coaching business, here are a few examples:

  • A checklist
  • A video series on how to “Problem you’re niche is facing”
  • An Ebook
  • A quiz

We go more in details and provide examples in The Online Marketing Strategy.

5. How to create a lead magnet for your coaching Business

You can use almost anything in order to create your lead magnet. The format doesn’t really matter, you should focus on the content itself.

Obviously, make sure this looks professional, for example when we create PDF documents at the agency, we always use Canva. It’s a free online tool to design almost anything!

If you want to see some of our Lead Magnet you can go to our product page.

6. Where to use your lead magnet

Remember our goal is to get you coaching clients. With this in mind, we’ll take actions that may or may not bring us closer to our goal. I’ll need you to pay close attention to this because that’s what separates successful life coaches and unsuccessful life coaches! 

We have different options on where to use your lead magnet. 

First, it could be a popup. Very effective, especially when it’s triggered for a specific event such as exit-intent or scroll down 90%. This does work very well but again try and see for yourself if you’re getting leads from this.

Second, you can have it on the footer of your webpage. Also effective, because website visitors will tend to just scroll to the bottom of your webpage and so you have the occasion to show them your lead magnet. I always recommend my clients to have a lead magnet form in the footer because it’s often time an unused space and this will again set you apart from your competition.

Third, you can have it on the sidebar of your blog articles. One of the best place, I’ll say to have a lead magnet form is right here. Chances are, your website visitors will come because you shared a blog article. If your blog article is the first page they’re going to see about your business, you must have a form there. 

Fourth, underneath your mission statement on your homepage. If your website visitors lands on your homepage this is by far the best place to have your lead magnet form. The reason why is because they just read your mission statement, for example, that you help people who stutter and now you’re offering them for FREE a quick and easy way to overcome one of their issues. 

BONUS – Upgrading content 

At the end of your blog article, you can refer to your lead magnet if they want to know more about it. The best way to do this is usually in your conclusion.

You can, for example, tell them that if they liked what they read, they can learn more by downloading your FREE ebook/video series/quiz…

This is also a great way to generate leads and is also how one of my clients is actually generating leads after using our Online Marketing Strategy.

7. Promote

Time to bring some potential coaching clients to your website to try out your new lead magnet.

We’re not going to use Facebook ads for now so you have no excuses to not try it.

Write a blog article and display your lead magnet form as mentioned earlier. Then share this blog article for a month everywhere you can. 

Now, you just have to look at where these leads are coming from. Let’s say you find out that 90% of your leads came from the sidebar on your blog page. If that’s the case, try to improve it.

I’m sure your next question is how or what should I do?

My answer to you is anything! Have fun, change the colors, change the text, the cover of your ebook…

It’s your business and it’s supposed to be fun so change one thing every month and see what works best!

7. What now?

People are downloading your ebook, but they are just leads, not clients yet… So, you still have no answer to your question on how to get clients?

Let me tell you this, this is exactly where you get clients!

If a website visitor gave you their email address it’s because they trusted you enough in providing a potential solution to their problem, that’s step 1.

You’ll agree with me that those people are more willing to buy something from you than someone who didn’t give you their email address, in other words, those leads have some interest in what you offer!

Time to use an email marketing software to convert them into clients. You have to create a simple email sequence to convert them from leads to coaching clients. In order to do this, we can send them an email every 3 days and go over each tip you gave in your lead magnet.

Again, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel here, just make sure you talk again about the information you’ve provided in your lead magnet. 

What I like to do is 3 value emails then I offer a free consultation or a product. In your case, you can offer a free 30min coaching call where you’re going to give them even more tips and tricks on overcoming any issues they have.

We actually provide a complete email sequence in our Online Marketing Strategy so it’s easier for you.

MOe's tips

Remember you have to develop sensory acuity!

Nothing is going to work overnight, it’s something you have to accept. But it’ll work overtime and I can guarantee you that!

However, in order to guarantee your success, you have to make sure you’re tracking your progress. Always, test one thing for a month and then look at the data:

Is it bringing you closer or further away from your goal?


Here you go, you have a complete guide on how to get clients for your coaching business! The only thing you have to do now is to take action. We’ve outlined what you have to do, however, you are the only one who can make you successful by doing it now.

We go even more in detail in The Online Marketing Strategy and provide you with the email sequence and even 24/7 support in our Facebook group to help you get more clients!

This time, 

I want you to simply tell me if this article helped you.

Leave a ” 🐵” if it did and please don’t hesitate to ask us questions, we are to help your idea become reality!

Unleash your fire,

Founder & Business Consultant
Moe – Digital Agency for Life & Career Coaches

Life coach faq

The best way to get your first client as a life coach is to be clear regarding who is your idea client. By knowing who you’d like to serve in your coaching business, you’ll be able to then produce content that your ideal client will love. It’s also important know that you know who is your ideal client to find out where they like to hang out (Facebook group, Instagram, LinkedIn…). You can find your ideal client by using our core customer cheat sheet we’ve created specifically for life coaches.

Your personal story is the best way to market yourself as a life coach. Your story is actually made you become a life coach probably! So use it in your marketing strategy. You can also, give out free content related to your niche (ebook, cheat sheet, quizzes…).

Share your personal story on social media!

The easiest way is to simply be genuine when sharing your personal story on social media. You never know if one of your friends need a your help or know someone who was looking for a life coach.

Ask for referral and give them a percentage of the sale.

If you already had clients chances are they have friends who may need your services as a life coach. If you provide an incentive for them to refer you then you’ll automatically attract new clients. You can for example give them $100 for each referral.

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