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How to increase your sales using your life story as a coach

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We all know that as a Life or Career coach it's difficult to sell your services/products.

Maybe your website visitors don’t know how you can help them, your value proposition is unclear or simply your website/services are just too generic. To convert website visitors into new coaching clients, you have to stand out of the pack. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t need another Brian Tracy or Marshall Goldsmith.

It needs YOU!

The only way you can show them who you are is to tell your personal story.

At the end of this article, you'll know how to tell your story to skyrocket your sales!


There is this fear in the coaching industry that you must be generic or look like your competitors. The problem is that your potential clients will not understand how YOU are the most qualified to help them!

If I type life coach on Google, for example, I end up with 1,690,000,000 results. If I try to be a little bit more specific and type life coach anxiety, I end up with 95,200,000 results. And if I want to be more specific and type New York I end up with 55,700,000 results.

By typing the professional I was looking for, the issue I have and my location I was able to narrow down my options by more than half!

We are going to change this together so you can stand out of the pack!

You'll not lose coaching clients

You might think that by telling your life story you’ll be vulnerable. You may even think that people will not trust you since you had problems in your life or career in the past. I often hear this one from Life & Career Coaches: 
“People are going to ask me how I can help them if one day I was struggling with the same issue they are going through.”
I want to make this clear, this is not going to happen and if it does, it means they are not the right client for you.
People want to relate to someone else and tend to seek advice from friends who went through the same issues. Let me give you an example:
If I have anxiety, and I have two friends, one struggled with it for years but found a solution and the other had issues with depression.
Guess who I’m going to talk to?
My friend who had anxiety! 

What you’ll discover is that telling your story will give you legitimacy over your competition because YOU went through the same.


1. Your about page is about you

It may sound obvious but use this page to tell your life story. Go into details on how you became a life coach or a career coach. You can even go further by telling what you had to go through in your life and how you became a life coach…

Make it relatable to your audience!

2. Share personal images

Do you have a social media content plan? If you don’t, you should have one!
(Get The Social Plan curated for Life Coaches)

On your social media don’t hesitate to share pictures of you and by you, I mean not professional pictures of you! I mean real pictures of you, with your family or doing an activity!

You want your audience to know you again, the real you!

3. Use your story to justify your products/services

As a life coach, you’re probably solving an issue your audience has with your products/services. Even better, you have to use your story on your sales page to legitimate your offer! Especially, if you went through the same issue in the past.

If your website visitors struggle with anxiety and see that you did too in the past but found a solution, they’ll be more likely to buy your products/services.

MOe's tips

Sharing your story doesn’t mean it has to be everywhere!

Make sure to share it to relevant places online otherwise you’ll for sure annoy your audience. The best way to go about this is to ask yourself:

Does it help my readers?


Look at your website and check if you are sharing your story. By this I mean your struggles wins, etc. The best place to start is on your about page! 

Once done, send me your about page and I’ll give you my opinion on it. That way you’ll have an honest feedback.

Founder & Business Consultant
Moe – Digital Agency for Life & Career Coach

Life Coach FAQ

The best way to get your first client as a life coach is to be clear regarding who is your idea client. By knowing who you’d like to serve in your coaching business, you’ll be able to then produce content that your ideal client will love. It’s also important know that you know who is your ideal client to find out where they like to hang out (Facebook group, Instagram, LinkedIn…). You can find your ideal client by using our core customer cheat sheet we’ve created specifically for life coaches.

Your personal story is the best way to market yourself as a life coach. Your story is actually made you become a life coach probably! So use it in your marketing strategy. You can also, give out free content related to your niche (ebook, cheat sheet, quizzes…).

Share your personal story on social media!

The easiest way is to simply be genuine when sharing your personal story on social media. You never know if one of your friends need a your help or know someone who was looking for a life coach.

Ask for referral and give them a percentage of the sale.

If you already had clients chances are they have friends who may need your services as a life coach. If you provide an incentive for them to refer you then you’ll automatically attract new clients. You can for example give them $100 for each referral.

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