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American Football United

The Brief

AFUHUB is a social network/community company based in Derby, United Kingdom. Developing the sport of American Football in Europe, they aim to make it more accessible by creating a hub of professional and non-professional players, sharing real life experiences and providing constant support from their own social media platform “The Huddle”

AFUHUB first approached Moe Digital Agency to increase their visibility online, attract new customers and position themselves as an authority within the American Football space. They also needed a powerful logo and brand to match their company objectives.

Aspiring to become the leader in the American Football space where the competition is high, AFUHUB needed a more compelling way to have an impact. Thus, making them look good and positioning them as a leading company in their industry.

We were really inspired to work with AFUHUB because of the passion the founder Taylor Brown has behind his vision to develop this sport and make it more accessible to anybody.

Our Approach

We knew that this was one of the biggest project we have ever had so we started digging deeper to find out what they needed to get there. As usual, we performed our discovery process to learn more about AFUHUB’s competitors and to understand their vision so we can better translate this into their website. We looked up other companies websites to see where AFUHUB could get a competitive advantage. At this stage it was clear for us that their competitors had great websites with tons of information about this sport but they were lacking a cutting-edge and organized design.

With this in mind, we developed a strategy to design an uncluttered and contemporary website, social media and logo. To enhance their mission we have created their own social media called “The Huddle” so AFUHUB can easily target their audience and sell advertising placement to potential companies. As part of building their brand, we created a website copy and worked on a writing style that would appeal most to their ideal target market.

With the help of AFUHUB, we developed a complete marketing strategy (funnel, email marketing, website launch…) to attract, capture and convert new leads on their website, starting with the United Kingdom and United States. The strategy includes regular article writing, social media marketing, email marketing and a lead capture funnel built into WordPress.

We had a previous client in the sport industry, Steeve Guillerme. As a professional trainer we thought Steeve could help AFUHUB create a personal online training, so we decided to put them in contact. From this, a partnership was formed and today Steeve is part of the AFUHUB Team as a Professional Trainer.

The Result

Within the first 30 days after launching their new website and marketing strategy, AFUHUB successfully got their first sale and grew the number of users on The Huddle. AFUHUB has also improved their sales process with automation and the add-on of a messenger chat so they can answer any potential sales questions.

We actively working with the AFUHUB Team especially with Taylor Brown on their continued growth strategy to establish their brand in the marketplace, reach their ideal customers and grow The Huddle.

This is what AFUHUB says about us

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