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Beyond Borders Career Coaching

The Brief

The team at BBCCoach approached us at a crucial time in their business. Their number of clients was growing; however, during meetings or conventions they were not confident enough to share their social media due to a lack of congruence.

BBCCoach needed a sober, elegant and classy to match their branding and attract new customers.

However, BBCCoach was on a time constraint, they needed their new website done within 2 weeks for an upcoming convention. We obviously had to put all our expertise and resources into this project to meet this deadline.

Our Approach

We knew that without a clear understanding of their clients and ideas of what their website should look like we will not be able to meet this deadline. We performed our discovery process to learn more about BBCCoach competitors and to also understand their vision so we can better translate this into their website. We looked up other companies websites to see where BBCCoach could get a competitive advantage.

At this stage it was clear to us that there were many competitors in the “life coach” industry however none of them had a clear Unique Value Proposition. With this in mind, we worked in collaboration with BBCCoach on putting an emphasize on their UVP so they can dominate this market and get the right client.

As usual, we started the design from scratch to reflect the uniqueness of their services. The entire design was based on one call to action, which was scheduling a free clarification call. To perform this action, we have created a unique design for this call to action button so it is easily viewable from any device and page. 

Prior to the new website launching, we created a coming soon page and a marketing launch plan to create fascination and intrigue within their community.

The Result

Since the recent launch of their new website, BBCCoach received a lot of positive feedback about the design and clarity of the information presented on it. We are actively working with BBCCoach on their continued growth strategy to establish their brand in the marketplace, reach their ideal customers and grow their business.

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