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The Brief

Informafrik is a company based in Montreal, Canada and is on a mission to gather the most influential people and wealthiest businesses in Africa to increase access to new technologies for African businesses. We were approached by the CEO Alhassane to help him have a centralized place for organizing technology related conventions in Africa.

Our Approach

We closely worked with Alhassane to present a design that suit his business and the customers he is looking to attract.

Our website strategy involved the creation from scratch of his website to match the branding and the style of his potential clients. For this reason, we have decided to create a minimalist one page website divided into sections to tell a story, so his visitors are led to a call to action at the end to improve his conversion rate.

Each section of this webpage was focused on the primary goal of converting website visitors into clients and this was done via a tidy design including a clear call to action button at the bottom of each section and a mobile optimized website.

The Result

Since the launch of Informafrik, Alhassane had to go more often to Africa to manage his growing number clients. Not only this is a great improvement of his business, it means Informafrik is getting more visibility in this growing industry as well as more connections with influential businesses in Africa.

This is what Mrs Fanjat says about us

Your Idea, Our Solution

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