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The Brief

Lucius Harvey is a dedicated handpan music teacher and loves to share new skills and techniques with his students; guiding, inspiring and encouraging them to evolve. He was looking to get a professional website to share his passion of playing handpan and sell this beautiful instrument.

Our Approach

We lead off the project with research into the competitors in the Handpan industry to see what they were doing, what was working well for them and any opportunities we could look up to get Lucius the best results.

With a better understanding of his competition and a strategy in hand, we built out the website framework with the focus on these opportunities.

We took a content-first approach and created locally optimised and keyword targeted website pages and content which would funnel the visitors to the successful conversion. We also guided Lucius to legally setup his business to avoid any disruptions in the future.

The website design was structured around the key goal of getting website visitors to either book a private session with Lucius or buy his products. We kept a clean and modern design for his service and product pages so it is easily viewable from any device. Other elements on the page were created to convey Lucius’s services effectively, showcase his service area and build trust.

The overall website design was clean and personal with a style that compliments Lucius’s brand.

The Result

We are still actually working on this project to add a shop section.

This is what Lucius says about us

Your Idea, Our Solution

We know how to create websites that works. It’s up to you now to make the decision to distinguish yourself from your competitors using generic templates.