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Mrs Fanjat

The Brief

Mrs Fanjat is a professional helping other expats become independent and take control of their careers. She already had a website that was working well when she approached us, however, she was looking to refresh it with a better design and increase her subscribers list.

Our Approach

Since Mrs. Fanjat had a website, we created a second URL so she can keep her previous website while we were working on the new one. Nonetheless, we communicated online about the launch of her new website in the coming weeks to create some buzz.

We kicked-off the project by creating an uncluttered design so her visitors will easily understand her services. Moreover, the entire website was built in a way to tell a story and bring her visitors to call Mrs Fanjat for a free consultation.

This was complimented by an email marketing strategy to grow the number of subscribers and potential clients. With this in place, Mrs Fanjat was able to nurture her leads so she can turn them into potential clients.

The Result

Mrs. Fanjat has seen a consistent growth of website traffic and in her email marketing list and this reflects the growing number of clients Mrs. Fanjat is getting.

We continue to work with Mrs. Fanjat on landing pages as well as tips & tricks for her digital marketing campaign to improve growth.

This is what Mrs Fanjat says about us

Your Idea, Our Solution

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