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it's time to grow your coaching business

Be ahead of the pack

The aim of The Coaching Project is to give you a clearer idea of what you’d like to achieve.

With this information, you are already in the right direction to create a successful coaching business because 99% of business owners don’t take the time to do this.

Let's change the rules

What you want is grow your coaching business, right?

However, you don’t want to pay $2000 to talk to a web/marketing specialist for 30min but you’re struggling to find the answers yourself.

It’s absolutely normal and we wanted to change the way all this is done! My team and I are going to help you with EVERYTHING you need with your coaching business.

– Looking to grow your email list? We’ll help you with that!

– Need a pricing strategy? We’ll give you one specially made for YOUR BUSINESS!

– Would you like to attract more clients from your website? We’ll review your website and send you the video! 

We want to make it easy for you! 

No more guessing work

What if for once, someone will tell you exactly what you have to do. By this I mean with SIMPLE PLAIN WORDS and no weird and complex words/meaning.

If you have a question, you shouldn’t feel more confused if someone gives you an answer.

The Coaching Project answers ALL your questions! Plus my team and I are in our Private Facebook Group to help you INDIVIDUALLY and we’ll give you a SIMPLE – PLAIN – PRACTICAL answer.

I'm Mohamed Benhammou, founder of Moe - Digital Agency and The Coaching Project.

We help Life and Career Coaches convert more website visitors into clients by translating their unique stories and personalities into an online presence.

Who Should enroll in
The Coaching Project

You don't know exactly which products & services you should create that are most profitable and generate the most referrals

You don't have an ideal client but you know with who you like to work

You would like to have S.M.A.R.T. goals that will help your business better deliver your products and services

You would like to define clearly and simply the biggest problem or frustration your marketplace has and the tools you have in your toolkit to help them

You would like to know how to capture potential clients from your website

You would like to know how to nurture your relationship with your potential clients

You would like to know how to convert your leads to clients

If this sounds like you, take The Coaching Project and we'll take you from struggling coach to fully fledged coach.

Be careful to what you are trying to achieve, because with him next to you, it will works ! He does what he says, he says what he does!
Alice Gallwey
Moe is professional, prompt, accessible, and has a fantastic comprehension of the online business world.
Anne Luong
Moe is a wizard at web development, who understands business. He takes the time to understand what your high level needs are.
Mitchell Steinke

Here is a sample of what you'll get inside
The Coaching Project...

Week 1

Clarify your direction

  1. Core customers
  2. What’s in it for them
  3. Product offering
  4. Facebook page optimizations
  5. Facebook profile optimizations
  6. Lead page creation
  7. Email signature with Free giveaway
  8. Guaranteed coaching

Week 2

Strategize your actions

  1. Facebook group strategy + example posts
  2. Messenger strategy
  3. Lead generation strategy
  4. Email sequence templates
  5. Meetup/Quora/Subscribers strategy
  6. The Client Signup Script™
  7. The Social Plan™

Week 8

Upgrade your skills

  1. Tools to increase your revenue
  2. Hiring strategy
  3. Time to get a closer
  4. Website creation
  5. Speaking gigs
  6. Email automation strategy


Week 10

Mastering your psychology

  1. Mastering self-belief
  2. False proof is your enemy
  3. Try Try Try mindset
  4. Goals setting
  5. Productivity notebook

Grow your coaching business the right way The Coaching Project

We are even going to give you some bonuses

Win more clients with this proposal!

This coaching proposal has generated over $19,000,000 to coaches in 2018! Get your Free Template and start winning more contracts!

This is the exact proposal we give to our clients!

Never worry again about what to post!

The Social Plan has been created so you can post every day without the hassle of thinking what to post.

This link is updated every month!

Attract new clients automatically for free!

On this Ebook, we’ll cover how you can automatically generate more leads from your website!

This little Ebook has helped hundreds of Life & Career Coaches get real results.

Now it’s your turn!​

Grow your business with the tools the pro's use!

Here it is THE ULTIMATE list if you are a coach!

We’ve compiled al the tools you need to run a successful coaching business!

From creating a funnel to getting paid online we’ve covered everything. The tools we mention in this list are tools we use and recommend to our clients.

Build trust with an efficient product offering

You must offer different products to your clients in your coaching business. Not everybody is ready to buy your high-end product AKA your coaching session.

For this reason, we have to build trust and move them to the bottom of our funnel. In other words, make them commit to purchase products from you that have little to no friction.

Convert more website visitors into leads!

Getting traffic to our website is a complex and usually a costly task. We cannot let website visitors go through our content and let them go without getting their information. To do this we are going to create a lead magnet with a form.

In this worksheet, you’re going to discover the best places where you can offer your lead magnet (Ebook, checklist, video series…) to increase your conversion rate.

Now it's time to grow your coaching business

The aim of this Online Marketing Strategy Workshop is to give you a clearer idea of what you’d like to achieve.

With this information, you are already in the right direction to create a successful coaching business because 99% of business owners don’t take the time to do this.

Write more engaging copy in your content for your online marketing!

This cheat sheet is designed to help you write engaging copy for your online content. You should use it as the starting point for all content you write in your online marketing.

We give you the idea!

The basic rule of social media is that engagement feeds engagement. Use this list to help your audience interact with you or your brand.

Each month we will add more questions and quotes into this list so you have more than enough ideas for your social media strategy!

Wake up every day with coaching calls booked!​

On this worksheet we’ll show how you can speak your customer’s language and convert your website visitors into leads.

Discover your core customer

This should be used to guide your marketing strategy but also to stay congruent while posting on social media, creating blog articles or simply running your coaching business.

An email sequence that converts leads to coaching clients

The goal of an email sequence is to convert your subscribers into coaching clients.In order to do this, we are going to use a simple email sequence so you can get more coaching clients from your email list.

Write compelling blog article faster

A simple blog article framework to help you easily write blog article!

On-going support via our online community group

We are and we want to be available for you when you need it! This is why on our Private Facebook Group you’ll be able to ask us questions and get advice related to your coaching business.

Together we’re going to make your coaching business a SUCCESS

Moe is really professional and efficient. Whenever I had a question about the project he was on the ball.
Taylor Brown
Moe is always passionate in what he undertakes and is 100% invested! I highly recommend The Coaching Project
Noel Falcetta
Moe guided me step by step and gave me many advices based on his previous experiences. Highly recommended!!
Coline Lepouze

Become a member of The Coaching Project & Get Your Bonuses Today!

Here’s everything you’ll receive when you enroll in The Coaching Project:

The Coaching Project

$4.500 VALUE

Online Marketing Strategy

$1.200 value

Content Copywriting Cheat Sheet

$450 value

The Social Plan +
Quotes & Questions List


Product Offering Strategy

$499 value

Core Customer Formula

$199 value

Blog Article Framework

$497 value

Lead Capture Strategy

$499 value

Email Sequence Template

$199 value

Facebook Group


Brand Message Clarity Course

$147 value


$147 Value

The Ultimate list of tools

$99 value

The Coaching Proposal



Become the Go-To coach with The Coaching Project

We have created The Coaching Project to give you access to the step-by-step process you need to attract better clients and generate predictable and consistent cash flow.

We charge $4,500 for this to our clients. We are going to be with you UNTIL you reach your goals! 

We don’t pack a parachute when we work with you and we DON’T expect you to pack one! 


Since we know this is extremely valuable and will work for your coaching business, we have to talk to you during a FREE strategy session. 


Because we only work with coaches that are passionate about what they do.

We call this The Fire.