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The secrets to becoming a successful life coach

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Today I’d like to give one of my biggest secret. The secret ingredient that helped me get where I am today. I’m going to tell you exactly how you can become a successful life coach. I’m going to break down each step for you so you can take action now.

I always tried to be surrounded by successful entrepreneurs. I was sure they were a pattern to become successful. How come all these people where successful and some others were not. For me, it was obvious that successful entrepreneurs were doing something others were not. But what was it? 

Instant gratification

The problem is you are looking for instant gratification. 

Nowadays, if you want something to eat, you can just take your smartphone and get your food in 10min. If you want to watch a movie, hop on Netflix and you can instantly watch your movie. 

But, you have to rewire your mindset if you want to become successful.

Success overnight

You might think by looking at other life coaches on social media that you can become a successful in 2 weeks, and live the life but it’s not true. 

It’s going to take time and your wealth will be reflected by how patient you are. 

Young life coaches are expecting to succeed overnight but there’s no such thing. Every life coach you have met or know have failed tremendously. Because they have failed so many times, they are now successful. 

By doubling your rate of failure you are doubling your chances to become successful.


1. Accept failure

I know this sounds controversial and people may have told you that you should avoid failing at all cost. But, what you should do is accept failure as part of the process. Remember there is no win if there is no loss, it’s because you are losing sometimes that you can win. Otherwise, you’ll never know that you won.

What I’d like you to do as of today is not accepting failure as an option.

Remember failure is part of the process and so is not the end of the journey. 

By doing this you have no other options than succeeding. 

This will also keep your mind in the game.

By thinking that failure is an option, every time you’ll fail, you’ll lose faith and start questioning yourself. Unfortunately, by doing this you will always be on the Edge to give up and we don’t want you there.

2. Consistency is key

Everybody is taking action. You’ll not differentiate yourself from the crowd by only taking actions but by doing them over time! What we preach our client is consistency. 

Anything and everything you’re doing is great only if you keep doing them over time. 

Let me put that in your situation so you better understand what I mean. Nothing done once will have an impact on your life. Posting an article once on your Facebook page is not going to revolutionize your business. You’ll not get more engagement or more clients by posting it and at the same time if you don’t you’ll not lose clients. 

But, this compounded over time will have an impact!

Let’s say that you post one article per day for an entire year. This is 365 posts on your facebook page. By the time you get to day 365, you’ll probably get more engagement and clients. All this because you were posting everyday posts related to your industry. 

You see you’ll always have to fight with yourself here. By not doing it you’ll not impact negatively your business. At the same time by doing it you’re not impacting your business positively.

By knowing this fundamental, you’ll start thinking and taking long term action. You’ll also accept that there is no such thing as instant gratification.

As of now, I want you to always make a decision based on the above. Every time there is a situation where you have to take action, remember that by not doing it nothing wrong will happen as well as nothing good will happen by doing it. 

Because the only thing that matters is doing it over time.

3. Keep doing easy things

Now, you know that you have to take action constantly to see progress.

To make sure you keep doing them, these actions have to be easy to do so you don’t have excuses.

For example, if you have to post 3 times a week on social media and you are using Hootsuite to plan your week. Instead of planning your entire week one day, break it down and do each day every day. That way planning your content for the following week is easy to do and will take less than 1h.

The same applies to everything you have to do. Break down each action into small steps so you can do them every day without feeling pressured. 

Successful life coaches are successful because they keep doing these small things over time. Again, it doesn’t seem much when you look at it but compounded over time these small things become big things!

Since they are easy to do, they are also not easy to do and that is what separates successful life coaches and unsuccessful life coaches. 

As of now, I’d like you to take a day to breakdown all the tasks you have for the week into small and easy tasks. 

4. Focus on the process not the results

Stop thinking about the results. Even better forget about it! I know some of you will say, “I have to feed my family” or “pay my rent”, fine. But I still want you to forget about this because it’ll happen, I promise. 

Think about this, results don’t come from results. Results are the physical response to a series of actions you took. Knowing this, why would you focus on the results? You should focus on the action/process because this is what’s going to bring results in your business. 

When you drive to go to work, you don’t expect to just be there to be there. There is a road (a process) to follow and if you do it well you’ll get there for sure. After a while you’ll even find a way to get to work faster and how do you achieve this? By working on the path you take (your process). 

See, it’s about the process and by focusing on this you’ll achieve great results.

I want you to keep all your energy and focus on the process. By the time you’ll see the results you’d have done all hard work already, trust me.

5. Be committed for a long period of time

Take your time, it’s not a race. You have to work for a long period of time consistently to see results.

Life coaches are giving up too early, and by early I mean after a year or two. But it’s going to take you way more time to become successful. Being a life coach is not a trend, it’s not a job title, it’s a lifestyle and a career at the same time. 

I know that if you do all the above for a long period of time you’ll succeed, I have absolutely no doubt! 

What you need is not another “create your website in 5min #wix” or “90 days program to build a six-pack”. 

These programs are not meant to make you succeed! 

The reason why is because with these you don’t have enough time to build the right mindset and so are doomed for failure after the 90 days or the 5min…

You don’t need a quick fix or a quick solution, you need the right mindset first to succeed. 

Nothing is set in time, nobody can tell you in X days you’ll get these “benefits”. These people are selling you a product, not a solution.

You can for sure get your website in 5min but is it going to fix the issues you’re having? 

Before searching for the easy solution to online, change your mindset to put you in the game!

MOe's tips

Everything we talked about is great but you have to do them even when no one is watching. A lot of work is done when no one is watching and so you have to be true to yourself about these. 

If you only do half of them only when people are watching, you are on the right path to becoming unsuccessful.


What I’d like you to do is to take this article and really put it in practice. You can do it now, and you don’t have to be perfect on day one but if you keep this mindset, over time you’ll see incredible results.

Let me know what you think about this and your struggles, I’m sure together we can find a way to help you do more!

Unleash your fire,

Founder & Business Consultant
Moe – Digital Agency for Life & Career Coaches


The best way to become a successful life coach is to change your mindset. Stay consistent at trying new things until you see results. If something doesn’t work, it’s FEEDBACK not FAILURE.

By developing sensory acuity you’ll for sure become a successful life coach.

Life coaching is a growing industry and you can definitely make more than $50,000 per year by having a few clients only.

More and more people are looking for a solution to their problems and with the growth of internet, the demand for life coaching is also growing!

1 – Choose a niche
2 – Get a credential from the ICF
3 – Master your skills (get free work from your Facebook page or by asking friends)
4 – Create a website and content

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