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Why you must have a blog

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In this short article, I’m going to share with you simple takeaways to bring new visitors and how to keep them coming back.

The biggest issue of any website owner is generating traffic to their website.

Everybody wants traffic to increase their visibility and generate more sales. However, having a high volume of traffic doesn’t result in increased visibility and sales.

Having many visitors probably means you either bought a lot of Facebook and Google ads or you shared your website with your network and these are the only ones going to your website.

In this short article, I’m going to share with you simple takeaways to bring new visitors and how to keep them coming back.

3 Takeaways To Increase Your Sales

It’s important to offer valuable information for free to your audience in order for them to come back and buy from you.


Identify the most frequent issues your clients are facing or recurring questions from your clients. You may have already gathered this information through your website or by email. Can you identify the most popular questions? Do you see a trend in the type of issues?

Did you find it?

Awesome! You’ve got your blog title, congratulations!

It’s time for you to use this precious information to attract potential clients that have the same questions or issues!


Think about a time you were on Facebook or LinkedIn, and you noticed someone in your niche sharing an issue that your service/product solves. Now, instead of responding in the comments section and risking going unnoticed amongst the other comments, you have the power to bring them to your website. Respond to them with a link to your blog post and give them a chance to see your services or products. This way you will increase your traffic and get visitors to come back to your website.

Your clients are probably not ready to buy from you and it’s normal because you’re not an influencer for them yet. Yet!

Your potential client is now on your website and you perfectly answered their questions with your article, so what happens next? How do you get them to come back and use your services?


Offer a free “gift” on your website using MailChimp to encourage people to join your mailing list, so you can keep in touch with your audience and increase your chances to convert them into leads.

What You Want To Avoid

I often see entrepreneurs sharing blog articles not helpful for their niche and expect people to go to their website and spread the word.

Have you ever been in search of the answer to a simple question, but ended up reading a blog post that is way too long with no concrete solution. Nobody wants to waste their time reading content not related to their current issue and you don’t want to be the one providing that content.

Who’s in the best position to answer their questions? Not me, you! You’re the one who is the most knowledgeable in your niche and your product/service is their perfect answer. So in order to position yourself as an influencer in your niche, you will have to share your knowledge for free, but not for long.

Do you know what people do when they deal with influencers? They buy from them because they are the best-placed to resolve their issues.

Hey! I would love to hear from you! After writing your first blog post, let me know your successes and challenges in the comment section.

Let’s unleash your visibility!

Founder & Business Consultant
Moe – Digital Agency for Life & Career Coaches

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